The Red Carpet


Handful of fresh French raspberries
15ml fresh lemon juice
Splash of Himalayan goji berry liquour
Teaspoon freshly grated ginger
70 ml measure of Cherry Good cherry juice drink
35 ml measure of grey goose citron
Crushed ice


Don’t shake the cocktail mixer, the ice will dilute it.
Finish with a sprinkle of pepper
Garnish with a cherry

What you will need

  • Cocktail

  • Spirit

  • Plenty
    of ice

  • Spirits
    / mixers

  • Some
    fresh fruit

  • Friends

Note: 1 measure = 25ml, 2 measures = 50ml and so on

Enjoy alcohol in moderation

UK Government recommends that adults do not regularly exceed:
Men: 3-4 units daily
Women: 2-3 units daily
Calculator: A 25ml measure of 40% abv spirit is approximately 1 unit.

Red Carpet Cocktail