Tamzin Outhwaite

Our favourite actress of the moment and big Cherry Good fan, Tamzin Outhwaite has shared some helpful tips with us this month on how she maintains a healthy lifestyle, whilst juggling her busy work schedule and life with her two young children.

When it comes to starting her day off, Tamzin told us that she likes to opt for “a hot yoga class and a healthy breakfast”. “I normally have porridge with a glass of fruit juice; usually it’s Cherry Good Light, which is only 32 calories.  I find it a light, refreshing juice to have for breakfast”. Tamzin advises that having a good breakfast is really important for kick starting the day off in the right way, helping you to truly make the most of it. “If you can maintain a healthy diet and do a healthy amount of exercise - even if it’s just half an hour - then it helps you to keep on top of things”.

We love the importance that Tamzin places on living a healthy lifestyle, but don’t fret even Tamzin has the occasional treat. She told us of her love of full fat cheese and not to mention the occasional Cherry Good Cocktail in the evening too!

From having a glass of juice with her breakfast each morning, to an occasional cheeky Cherry Good cocktail, the New Tricks actress certainly enjoys a taste of the good life every day. So make sure you do too and check back for regular updates.

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