Five Things You Didn’t Know About The Montmorency Cherry

We adore the delicious tart taste of Montmorency cherries and we’re certainly not the only ones. Harvested from the ‘cherry belt’ on the shores of Lake Michigan in North America, each year over 90,000 tonnes of Montmorency cherries are produced to satisfy our cherry needs.

Other than their delicious flavour and bright red colour, not much is really known about these popular fruits so we thought we would share with you five things that you probably didn’t know about the Montmorency Cherry…

  1. Although Montmorency cherries are grown primarily in the US, Canada and France, they were first discovered by the Ancient Romans beside the black sea
  2. Did you know that Montmorency cherries are named after one of the oldest and most well-known families of the French nobility?
  3. Cherry Good is the only juice brand in the UK who use Montmorency cherries    
  4. One cherry tree can make up to an amazing 30 pies’ worth of fruit each year- yum!
  5. When Montmorency cherries are almost ripe, songbirds will regularly visit the cherry trees to make sure they get the best pickings! 

Do you have any other cherry facts to add? Share them with us @CherryGoodJuice, we’d love to hear them!

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