Make 2015 Your Healthiest Year Yet...


Every year, we overindulge during the festive season and as soon as January arrives, we vow to kick start a new healthy living regime. Despite the best of intentions our morning runs, clean eating and eight hours sleep a night often fall by the way side as those pesky old habits soon return.

Instead of setting unrealistic goals this New Year, make 2015 a year for small changes that make a big difference.

#1: Eat a Healthy Breakfast

A healthy breakfast not only kick-starts your metabolism setting you up for the day ahead, it also helps to curb hunger pangs and sugary cravings. Perfect as part of a balanced diet, Cherry Good Light is a delicious alternative to other fruit juices for breakfast (and with only 48 calories per serving, it’s also kind to your waistline!)

#2: Juice It

Smoothies and juices are a fantastic – and tasty - way to ensure you’re getting all the nutrients and vitamins you need to help your body work at its very best.

#3: Get Fruity

Fruit and vegetables give your body the nutrients it needs to be strong and healthy. Adding a portion of fruit or vegetables to every meal will help you to reach the recommended goal of five a day.


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