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Cherry Good teamed up with top blogger, Attachment Mummy to find out what her fail-safe car games are to make travelling with children a breeze this bank holiday…

With the second May bank holiday and half-term on the horizon, many parents will be planning lengthy car journeys with a certain amount of trepidation.  Travelling with small children can be challenging and, as everyone knows, requires Everest-level organisation.  Snacks, drinks (Cherry Good to Go is perfect for popping into a packed lunch box), nappies, changes of clothes, books, toys, cushions, blankets, the list goes on; and that's before you've even done your holiday packing!  And, how can you keep the endless cries of "Are we there yet?" at bay?

One way of supplying much-needed car-based attention and entertainment are simple, old-fashioned car games, with not an electronic gadget in sight!  Taking inspiration from the colour of Cherry Good…here are 3 of our favourite car games that involve colours which will hopefully help your journey go by swimmingly as well:


I Spy...something red

This classic game can be easily adapted for pre-schoolers by making it a colour game instead of an alphabet one.  "I spy with my little eye, something... Red" One person spies something, the others have to guess what it is.  And repeat, often. This game is easy to learn and little ones love it!

Cherry Good Car Cricket (adapted for younger kids)

Each passenger chooses a colour, except red.  The youngest steps up to the 'wicket' first, earning one 'run' for each car of their chosen colour which passes.  But when a red car passes, they are 'bowled out' and the next player takes their turn. The winner is the player with the most runs at the end of the game/journey.  

Spotting Game

A simple extended scavenger hunt and great for observational skills, pose questions such as: Who can spot five red cars?  Who can see ten ladies driving?  Shout out whenever you see three people in a car?  Who can spot five cars with dogs in? etc.  It's simple but our girls (3 and 5) love this one!


And some other games to give a go…


20 Questions

This should be fine for children aged 4 and up.  One person secretly thinks of animal, vegetable or object.  The other players then take turns asking yes-or-no questions, such as "Do you find it in the bathroom?" or "Can it fly?" or "Does it grow in the ground?".  The answer can only be yes or no, remember!  After the players have asked 20 questions, they must guess the answer.


Telephone Whispers

The first player whispers a story to someone else in the car.  That person whispers the same story - as close to a word-for-word recount as possible - to a third person, and so on.  The last person to hear the story repeats it aloud for everyone else to hear.  The original story will invariably get lost in translation slightly, with laughable results.


Yellow Car

The simplest game of all, but endlessly engaging and competitive, this game simply involves spotting any yellow cars, or vans, or lorries, that you pass.  For each yellow car you call, you win 10 points.  Some people keep a tally, but our game of yellow car is on-going, with every journey punctuated by shouts of "Yellow car, ten points!"


I hope those ideas help your car journeys go well, and help your family have lots of fun too!  Enjoy your travels.


Leta ElliottAttachment Mummy


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