How to Cheat Your Way through a Sunday Lunch

We’ve all been there, relaxing at home on a Saturday night before we suddenly remember we’ve invited the in-laws over for Sunday Lunch. Big mistake! We’re running short on time, the kids are driving us mad and the dining room is covered in playdough.

If this scene feels all too familiar, relax as we’ve got some tips and tricks to get you through!


Prep Your Veg the Day Before

Peeling and chopping vegetables can be a gruelling process, particularly if you’re trying to entertain your guests at the same time. Potato skins tend to fly in every direction and you’re guaranteed to nick your thumb with the knife if you’re not completely focussed; which is most of the time if you have little ones to manage too.

To avoid the stress, prepare your veggies the night before. You could even do it in the lounge whilst you catch up on Strictly. Now that’s our kind of multi-tasking.


Put Those around You to Good Use

Who said Sunday Lunch is a one-man job? If there are other people in the house on Sunday morning, get them off the sofa and into the dining room to set the table.

Children in particular love to be involved in the cooking process so grab the boiled suede and sit them at the table with a masher. That’s one job off the list and it keeps the kids quiet too.

Set Table 

Here’s One I Bought Earlier

Save yourself the stress of producing the perfectly cooked chicken and buy a “ready to eat” one with a bag of frozen Yorkshire puddings from the shops. They both only need 20 minutes in the oven and your guests will never know. Just make sure you hide the packaging!


Nice ‘n’ Easy Gravy

Gravy should be the last thing on your mind when it comes to a Sunday Lunch, it’s easy to make and it will only take you a minute to prepare. No gravy granules required. Once your meat has finished cooking, scrape the bottom of the tin and collect the remaining juices before popping it into a jug. Add a little flour and water and keep stirring until it’s smooth.

 Roast 2

Finally, grab yourself a glass of wine as you’ve successfully managed to put together a Sunday lunch. Better still, you did all the cooking so someone else can deal with the washing up!

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