Three Foodies on Instagram You Should be Following

Admit it, who’s guilty of posting photos of food on Instagram? We’ve certainly had occasions when our dinner has gone cold because we were too busy take photos of it!

The proud food pics we share on Instagram may not always be Michelin-star quality but there are some incredible foodies out there who consistently get it right. Scrolling through their Instagram feed is like entering a heavenly realm full of perfectly formed chocolate fondants and spectacular Sunday lunches – and we just can’t get enough.

If you’re as passionate about food as we are, check out our three favourite foodies on Instagram at the moment. Just make sure you’ve had your lunch first otherwise you’ll be drooling all over the place!



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Ella Woodward is a blogger, yogi and nut butter addict who released a best-selling cookbook this year. Her Instagram is full of colourful, healthy foods featuring a variety of different recipes from blueberry pancaked stacks drizzled in honey to spicy potato laksa with noodles. Most of her Instagram pics have recipe links included in the bio so you can have a go too. Keep an eye out for her gorgeous pup Austin who pops up from time to time too!




Charlie is a food stylist and freelance writer who really knows her stuff when it comes to food! Whether you’re looking for healthy alternatives to fish and chips or photos of tasty pea and chorizo muffins, Charlie’s Instagram feed has a homemade, rustic feel to it which you can happily scroll through all day long.




With 727k followers, Samantha Lee has a pretty large Instagram following who love her ‘I Cook. Kids Eat’ Instagram which includes lots of cute food art to please the little ones. She has even turned corn on the cob into little yellow minions! If you want to get more creative with your food or if you just want to look at some amazing angry bird burgers– this is a foodie you want to follow!


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