Winter Fashion: Perception vs Reality

We can dream of sleek hairstyles, flawless makeup and beautiful cream coats for winter but the reality is often quite different. We battle with our brollies on a daily basis, our faces are usually hidden beneath layers of coats and scarves and don’t get us started on wind-swept hair! 

Whether you’re a full-time fashionista or you leave your outfit decisions to the last minute, here are three winter fashion realities that we have all experienced.


Keeping your skirt down


 The wind is so strong it’s close to knocking you off-balance but you continue to desperately clutch the hem of your skirt to keep it from billowing upwards. How did Marilyn Monroe hold her dress down with such class? We’re desperate to know.



Getting caught in the rain


 A romantic movie isn’t complete without a loved-up couple getting caught in the rain; we just wish we looked as happy (and as warm) as the actors do in the film. Every winter we step out of the house on a Saturday night dressed to the impress but by the time we arrive at our destination we usually look like a soggy mess – disaster!



Winter Layers


Winter is all about layers - and lots of them. However making winter layers look fashionable is a challenge every woman faces. You may have a lovely dress on but will anyone see it beneath your jacket, coats and scarf? Probably not.

Of course, you can always skip the layers and invest in a heavy-duty winter coat like Pixie Geldof but movement is usually restricted.



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