Emma Walker-Hughes

Cherry Good Resident Chef

Emma Walker Hughes

Emma has grown up with the delights, tastes and smells of home cooking, being born and bred in the Lake District to food-loving parents who owned their own restaurant. She lovingly remembers her earliest memory as standing at the family’s large stove as a six year old and being asked by her father to taste a sauce and suggest what additional flavours it needed. And that was the beginning of her cooking career!

As soon as she was old enough, she worked every holiday in the family restaurant, which provided the perfect grounding for both her cooking skills and work ethic. After leaving University, Emma took on an old, ten bedroomed hotel along with her parents and together they created their own empire.

Over the next decade, Emma developed a silver service restaurant, and became renowned for the food, drinks and fantastic service. Making everything from bread to the “Itzy Bitzy” Gateaux, Emma followed in her father’s footsteps showing a unique flair for mixing ingredients and recipe creation. 

In 2003, they sold up and it was Emma’s time to go out on her own and reinvent herself. She used all that she had learned from the family business and honed her skills in food demonstration and recipe generation.

For Emma, cooking is about fun and the incorporation of different flavours, tastes and textures to create something that brings a smile to someone’s face.