It’s been really fun, I haven’t fruit picking before so that’s been a great new thing to try and we’ll definitely be doing it again. And it’s been great discovering cherry juice because it’s been a great hit with him!

Dominique (From Playing Parent)


It’s been brilliant we’ve never picked cherries before so it’s been a great fun day out. They loved the juice and they loved the event!

Sara-Jayne (From Keep up with the Jones family)


We’re going home with pink stained fingers and pink stained faces so everybody’s very happy! They love the juice, but we know that already and now they love it even more. It’s been great to see where cherries come from and they’re loving their picnic aswell!

Leta (From Attachment Mummy)

Celebrate National Cherry Day

National Cherry Day

National Cherry Day

Nothing says summer like picking fruit straight off the tree on a sunny day; not to mention it’s also a great way to keep the children entertained during the summer holidays. So to celebrate National Cherry Day, we invited some of our favourite bloggers and their families to join us at Q Gardens Farm in Oxfordshire.

To begin the National Cherry Day celebrations in style, each blogger received a special hamper filled with breakfast treats including croissants, jam and Cherry Good to enjoy with their families before setting off for the day. Then, it was into the car and off to Oxfordshire for an hour of cherry-picking in the local fields before lunch.

National Cherry Day

With baskets in hand, the children were soon scouring the cherry trees returning with enough cherries to make fruity tasting ice cream, pie and jam a hundred times over.

After the baskets (and tummies) were full with fresh cherries from the trees, it was time for a quintessential British picnic featuring a banquet of sandwiches, sausage rolls, quiche and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. And of course, Cherry Good juice a’plenty!

National Cherry Day The event finished in the best way possible with cherry-topped cupcakes and deliciously refreshing Cherry Good sorbet, which had been made that morning.

“We’re going home with pink stained fingers and pink stained faces so everybody’s very happy!” said Leta who writes Attachment Mummy as she set off with a bag full of goodies and three very cheerful children.